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Palenque la Papayera
A Real Banda Papayera!

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9 on stage, based in Geneva, available all year

"Great percussion, brass that embraces, dancing clarinet, young musicians showing what they feel from the depths of their souls and cultural background. The result is natural and produces tingling in the legs. What else can you ask for?" TRAD Magazine 2015

Papayera is a kind of small processional fanfare typical of the Colombian Caribbean region. Imagine a vast region of coasts, forests, rivers and mountains that were inhabited by indigenous and African descendants for centuries. With the arrival of the colony and the slavery in the XVI century, many groups escaped from colonial opression and give origin to Palenque, the first town of Afro-Colombians. With the time, these indigenous, African, Mestizo and Hispanic groups got mixed and a new cultural expression was born! When these brass bands began playing music, it was a complete fusion between African rhythms, European music with its instruments, art crafts, indigenous diversity and knowledge.

Today, this tradition is being kept in carnivals, street parades and in modern popular music such as Vallenato and Cumbia. All these musical expressions have a common goal: the reinforcement of their identity through socialization, dance, celebration and collective joy.

The band Palenque la Papayera represents this identity with a repertoire that is based on the rhythms of Cumbia, Porro, Puya and Fandango. The musicians come from folklore, classical music, jazz, electronic or improvised music. A rich amalgam that gives an original color to this festive music!

I am looking forward to your inquiry!

Claudia Sch├╝tz


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