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monsieur periné


On stage: 8+ 1 crew

Touring period: July, August 2014

Based: Colombia

Booking territory: coop.Europe excl. France

"Suin a la Colombiana" a cultural, artistic, and rhythmic fusion of traditional Latin-American music, Gipsy jazz, and a French adaptation of American swing. "

One of Colombia's hottest bands, Monsieur Periné, more commonly known as "El Mesié", describes itself as an experimental laboratory of the popular music with an aforetime soul". A musical project full of creativity – just look at the name of the band: a mockery between the elite and the popular – which breaks the cliché of the refined and stylized jazz with the fusion of traditional Latin American rhythms as cumbia, son, bolero, currulao, tango and samba, even other genres like pop, swing, jazz manouche and electronic music, using traditional South-American instruments like bandoneon, charango and latin percussion. This unique blend of sounds and emotions has earned itself its own genre called "Suin a la Colombiana". With the help of the illustrator Jose Arboleda and their own fashion designer, the band created a world of their own, that comes to live in their music, their artwork and of course their performances.
Monsieur Periné has rapidly gained popularity. Its singles charts have entered the lists of MTV hits, becoming "artist of the week", youtube’s and facebook’s shooting stars.

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hermeto pascoal


On stage: 7 + 1 crew

Touring period: April / July 2014

Based: Brazil

Booking territory: coop.Europe

" The most impressive musician in the world " – Miles Davis

Known as "the sorcerer" or "the magician", the music of Brazilian composer and multi-instrumentalist Hermeto Pascoal has appeared on albums by Miles Davis and other jazz heavyweights. Pascoal's on-stage stunts have become the stuff of legend. He's the influential Brazilian maverick who brought a pig on-stage and used it as a percussion instrument. He's been known to burble into water or solo on balloon pumps, duck calls and human skeletons. Pascoal’s sextet is an extra-sensory musical unit that has been with him for over ten years and rehearses daily. The music runs from lyrical and romantic to raucous; from folkloric to futuristic, with angular melodies that often create a dense barrage of sound. Continuously inventive, the band employs synthesizers and saxophones as well as a battery of invented instruments—hub caps, teapots, and bowls of rocks—guided by Hermeto’s wizardry and benevolent spirit.

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kali mutsa pascoal


On stage: 4 + 1 crew

Touring period: End June / July / August 2014

Based: Chile

Booking territory: coop.Europe

" I sing the dream of a land where there are no slaves and no one is belittled, where we can speak all languages, where we can speak with animals, and where nature and tradition are expressed with total madness and creativity " – Kali Mutsa

Like Venus rising from the waves, the cat-eyed whirlwind of a woman rose from the magical earth and rarified air of myth-filled Chilean valley nearly a century ago. Daughter of Roma wanderers, protégée of the last remnants of the Incan aristocracy, holder of a secret dream, she gyrated across silver screens and dusty stages, chanting freedom and seduction with a polychrome wink. They called her "Kali Mutsa" and she sang the revolution.
Now after decades in mysterious seclusion, the ancient legend and Dayglo-hot maven has returned with unrelenting beats, brilliant Bollywood flourishes, and wry instinct for the perfect pastiche. Whispering in your ear in Romany, dancing to glitchy electronics and booming tubas, Kali turns a hundred years of Chilean history into dancefloor-riffling songs with a sensual twist that make other pop divas pale in comparison.

"Clashes the spirit of Bollywood with Andean and Eastern European sounds over an electronic backbeat” – Austin Chronicle

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grupo compay segundo


On stage: 10 + 4 crew

Touring period: 27th April - 31st May / July-August 2014

Free dates spring: May 7th -11st, 14th, 15th, 16th / June 2nd - 5th

Based: Cuba

Booking territory: coop. Europe excl. France, Italy and Spain

As a true master of words and music, Compay Segundo has become a legend in Cuba and has been very popular everywhere in the world. With his cigar and his panama on his head, he mastered the armonico like nobody else. After he passed away in July 2003, his son, Salvador Repilado, who was also his contradouble bass player, became director of his orchestra. The Grupo Compay Segundo was born. He also took part with his father and Hugo Garzon to the Buena Vista Social Club project; their song Chan Chan is a major piece of this work. As official ambassadors of the Cuban music around the world, the Grupo Compay Segundo proudly carries the identity of the "SON" and the traditional Cuban music. From now on, the band does not stop to go all over the world keeping captivating every kind of audience and has also been featured with great artists such as: Omara Portuondo, Eliades Ochoa, Charles Aznavour, Teresa Garcia Caturla, Isaac Delgado, Lou Bega... " Macusa ", Sabroso ", "Anita", " las Flores de la Vida ", as well as the legendary anthem " Chan Chan ", emblematic song written by Compay and played by every band of the genre around the world; all these songs that the nine musicians from the Grupo Compay Segundo, play for us on stage as a real cheerful gift. This is a show that every lover of Cuban son can not miss!

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herencia de timbiquí


On stage: 11 + 4 crew

Touring period: Summer / Fall 2014

Based: Colombia

Booking territory: Switzerland

"A wonderful fusion of peaceful Afro Colombian Pacific poetry and a rhythmic contemporary urban music. It is unconventional yet danceable and energetic, featuring traditional marimba sounds."

Herencia de Timibiqui's music masterfully mixes ancestral sounds from the Afro-Colombian Pacific with elements of urban contemporary music to recreate all the power and rhythm of the chonta marimba, with guasa and bombo. They combine lyrics and melodies as mighty as the jungle, the rivers, and the Pacific Ocean that surround the town this group comes from. They are the first musical group to put the chonta marimba on the Quinti Vergara stage in Chile and they were also the first to bring it to the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland in 2010. In 2013 Herencia de Timbiqui won the Silver Seagull in Festival "Vińa del Mar", one of the most important musical festivals of Latin America.

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velandia y la tigra


On stage: 4 + 3 crew

Touring period: September 2014

Based: Colombia

Booking territory: Switzerland, Germany

" Velandia Y La Tigra, like its burro, is provocative, at times perverse, in language and imagery and yet, as a mirror of Colombian society, is also familiar and resonant with its people." – MTV IGGY, 2011

Edson Velandia is considered as a "genius of Colombian music"; singer, guitarrist, composer, producer, poet, and so much more. Refusing to classify his music in an existing musical genre, Edson named his music "música rasqa", result of the influence of diverse rhythms like rumba criolla, guabina, carranga, jazz and specially rock. He defines it as a personal and innovating sound, deeply rooted in the rhythms of the Andean Colombian mountains, characterized by a huge inspiration in the typical Colombian life and the rural life of Santander, a region in Colombia, from where come all members of the band. This inspiration is explicit in both music and lyrics, full of a mordant and irreverent sarcasm. Velandia y La Tigra is creating a revolution in the musical scene of Colombia and South America.

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paté de fuá

PATÉ DE FUÁ (Mexico)

On stage: 7 + 1 crew

Touring period: Summer 2014

Based: Mexico

Booking territory: coop. Europe

"Paté de Fuá is one of the most original musical proposals in the musical scene of Mexico, which has become an outstanding revelation in the last years” – Rodrigo Rebollo, Playboy Magazine

Two Argentines, three Mexicans, one Brazilian and one Israeli conform this auditory banquet, seasoned with Jazz, Tango, Paso Doble and Tarantellas, resulting in a experimental sound of high quality that appeals to people of all ages and latitudes; contemporary music with an immigrant sound and a fusion of genres, fed by joys and nostalgias, meetings and partings. Paté de Fuá takes us on its musical journey with wandering spirit.
With over 100,000 copies sold in Mexico, Paté de Fuá performs in both Rock and Jazz festivals. Its concerts are a feast of music, where people of all ages are dancing at the beat of this small orchestra.

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danay suarez


Installation: 5 + 1 crew

Touring period: July / August 2014

Based: Cuba

Booking territory: coop. Europe

Danay raps with a freestyle, moving comfortably between sounds of Jazz, R&B, among others. Each of her lyrics comes from her soul. Danay is a sincere artist, that's what she shows on stage, appearing so calm and quiet transmiting this feelings of placidity to the espectators. A Danay fan describes her as "the representative of the conscious female Cuban hip-hop with the most exquisite voice and the most intelligent lyrics"
In 2010 and 2011 Danay toured with Roberto Fonseca and Band in the biggest worldwide and european festivals like Afro Latino and Roskilde. The "Princess of Cuban Music, HipHop and Jazz" Danay Suarez comes back to Europe next year, with her new band, covering the whole range of her voice from her hip-hop hits to latin jazz and a new album which will be released in March 2014.

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LARIBA (Swiitzerland, Cuba, Brazil, Italy)

On stage: 7 + 1 crew

Touring period: whole year available

Based: Switzerland

Booking territory: coop. Europe

"Some floor-filling Latin grooves with semi-rapped vocals laid over the top, a sprinkling of piano-driven salsa and copious attitude oozing out of every tune, no dodgy cultural fusion going on here, this is the real thing " – World Music Charts Europe

Featuring four Cubans, a Sicilian, a Brazilian and a Swiss they sing in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian (and can handle Arabic and English as well). Lariba's music covers a variety of ‘urban latin’ styles, mixing in elements of reggaeton, cumbia, hip-hop, son, mozambique, samba-reggae, baiao, mariachi, salsa, jazz, batá, santería, samba, bomba . . Whilst this might sound like a recipe for a dodgy international fondue. These guys are good, VERY good! Definitely one of the best surprises of the year! Recommended. Pass the fondue fork someone else.

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LiGHT-UP (Netherland)

Installation: 2 + 1 crew

Touring period: whole year available

Based: Netherland

Booking territory: coop.Europe

LiGHT-UP is live projection mapping of an artistic level that's unique in it's kind, by making the audience and their surrounding co-creator and subject of the artistic process. LiGHT-UP has created a innovative and reactionary way of making art. Drawing with light makes its audience part of a surreal experience. By combining the drawing output with multiple depth cameras it is also possible to implement a drawing of a person or an object in virtual space: a fully draw in 3D!
The project started in 2008 when visual artist Jan Willem Campmans developed a light painting concept. This concept quickly grew into the platform of Light-Up collective. LiGHT-UP creates immersive experiences for educational projects, television, theatre, festivals and other events.

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